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What's New with FB8


Farriers Basic 8 will IS NOW available for download and Trial Install. Click Products and then Farriers Basic then Downloads.

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Whats New

PhoneMate has now been certified on the windows phone Market Place and the software is now available for download to your windows phone 7 device.

Farriers Basic Web Edition

Email us today we will setup your Trial Server so you can get started!

The Farriers Basic Web Edition (version 9) is a software designed to help the professional farrier manage, their business from a web server. You can access your data from any device. You are no longer forced to use a Windows PC you can utilize all it's functionality from a Desktop MAC computer a MAC laptop or an Ipad, Android or Wndows Tablet. You also have the ablility to access your data from any mobile phone you choose, Iphone, Android Phones and Windows Phones as well.It will handle an unlimited number of clients and horses. Horse information is designed toward the show horse so you have many types of information that can be saved such as hoof length angles and shoe size. Along with a notes section for Front and Hind.

Invoicing is straight forward, and easy to learn. You can track all invoices and clients accounts recievables easily with the Farriers Basic software package. Emailing invoices is a breeze, you can easily email a list of invoices you choose as you enter new invoices into the system. Then email them with just one click.

The program can be purchased for 125.00 per year or 335.00 for unlimited use. Then you will need to pay a monthly 35.00 fee for the derver to run your software and hold your data. Just email us at with your information and we can set up a trial server for you for 30 days.

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Farriers Basic 8

This is the main page for Farriers Basic 8, here you wil find information on the Farriers Basic PC software package

Windows Phone 7.5 Farriers Basic Application

Here you will find information about the Farriers Basic 8 addin written for Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 PhoneMate Software

Here is where you will find information about the PhoneMate software for Windows Phone 7.5

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Software written for the professional farrier, by a professional farrier!
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