Farriers Basic 8

Business software for the professional Farrier

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What's New with FB8


Farriers Basic 8 will IS NOW available for download and Trial Install. Click Products and then Farriers Basic then Downloads.

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Whats New

PhoneMate has now been certified on the windows phone Market Place and the software is now available for download to your windows phone 7 device.

DownLoads for Farriers Basic 8

Below you will find downloads for your application. If you are not sure what download you may need please click the Get in Touch button above for assistance.

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Farriers Basic 8 Full download download and save to a folder or your desktop. Then double left click to expand file into a new folder or to your desktop. Then double click the setup file in that folder.

Farriers Basic newest update This download is version 8.4. See here for a list of changes. Download this if you would like the newest Farriers Basic 8 program exe but already have the Farriers Basic program installed on your computer.

Windows 64 bit OS click here

Windows 32 bit OS click here

How to for Newest EXE

WindowsPowerShell for WindowsXP- PowerShell 1.0

Trouble Downloading? See this link or this one

Note: In FB8 click Help then About to check your current version

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Farriers Basic 8

This is the main page for Farriers Basic 8, here you wil find information on the Farriers Basic PC software package

Windows Phone 7.5 Farriers Basic Application

Here you will find information about the Farriers Basic 8 addin written for Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 PhoneMate Software

Here is where you will find information about the PhoneMate software for Windows Phone 7.5

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Software written for the professional farrier, by a professional farrier!
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