Farriers Basic 8 Videos

You can view these videos to get you familiar with the Farriers Basic 8 program



Here are a series of How to Videos

1. How to empty the data tables and start entering your Clients, Stables and Horses.

2. How to get familiar with the the Horse Information that the FB8 program can track for you.

3. How to create new Invoices and make payments to a Clients Account.

4. How to create Appointments and sync with Microsoft Outlook so your appointments can be synced with your phone.





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Farriers Basic 8

This is the main page for Farriers Basic 8, here you wil find information on the Farriers Basic PC software package

Windows Phone 7.5 Farriers Basic Application

Here you will find information about the Farriers Basic 8 addin written for Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 PhoneMate Software

Here is where you will find information about the PhoneMate software for Windows Phone 7.5

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Software written for the professional farrier, by a professional farrier!
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